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Rice and Chicken Salad

TIME: 1 h 00 m DIFFICULTY: Normal YIELD: 4 servings TYPE: Salad

Let's enjoy cooking time at home with simple Rice Salad and Chicken dish 

  • RICE (800g)
  • BREAST CHICKEN (0.5kg)
  • QUAILS EGGS (10)
  • TARRAGON (100g)
  • BELL PEPPER (400g)
  • PEA (250g)
  • SALT
  • BLACK OLIVE (200g)
  • 1
    Cook the rice 15 min boiling salted water. Drain and keep water.
  • 2
    Cook the chicken breast in the rice cooking water during 20min. Drain the chicken pieces.Cut the flesh into small dice.
  • 3
    Cook the bell pepper in fryer keep during 20min in a bowl. Peel them. Cut them in 2
    remove the seeds and cut the pulp into small cubes
  • 4
    Cook the peas 5min
  • 5
    Cook the quails eggs during 4min and cool it down
  • 6
    Combine rice, chicken, pepper and peas in a bowl and quail eggs, tarragon and black olive cut in slice