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Founded in 2000, Celliers D'Asie Co., Ltd. is one of the leading wine importers and distributors for 5-star hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Vietnam such as InterContinental, JW Marriott, Matropole, Hilton, Sofitel Plaza, Sheraton, and Daiwoo. Celliers D'Asie not only provides customers with professional services, but also offers wine training courses from domestic and foreign experts, and a list of wine and spirits brands by the department like customers.

wine training & tasting

Many thank Celliers D'Asie for giving LSEF members an interesting wine training session. With useful knowledge about the origin, grape varieties as well as different flavors and the way to taste different wines.

wine training & tasting

Hopefully, the training has provided LSEF staff knowledge of wine to consult and best serve customers.

Let's see some moments of Internal Training & Tasting Wine at LSEF!

wine trainingwine trainingwine trainingwine training